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If I want to be a dentist that graduates from Emory University, what type of community services should I do?

I am not sure what I should do in 9th grade because I really want to go to medical school. Whenever I think about community services, I'm not so sure which type of community service I should do, and even if I could do something, I'm not sure how I should get the information and apply it.

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I myself am not particularly involved in the STEM/medical field but I have friends who are and i can give a bit of insight into their experiences. A pretty common thing is volunteering at your local hospital (although right now i’m not sure how that will work out). My friend volunteered three days a week to just change bed sheets and do small things such as that, and she just signed up through the website. Your best bet is just looking up volunteer and internship opportunities on the websites of local hospitals. As for your interest in Emory (i’m an atlanta native btw and i can attest that the city is pretty cool and the campus is nice), there are plenty of summer programs offered by Emory University that relate to the medical field or other areas of study. For dentistry in particular, something that may stand out on a college application is an internship at a dentist’s office as those are not common among high school students and very hard to come by. Unfortunately, you likely won’t get one, but there is still hope and other options! Next time you go in for a checkup, ask about shadowing opportunities. You can also always just email any dentist’s offices in your area. Good luck!


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