2 months ago
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Hey Guys!

My IB predicted is 40/45

HLs: History (Europe) 7, Chemistry 7, Economics 5

SLs: Mandarin 7, Maths Analysis 6, English Lit 6

I have a 5 in Economics but my GPA is 4.0/4.69 with the lowest grade being a 90% across 4 years of highschool (international student Nov 21' things).

How big of a role would the 5 (predicted) play in admissions and would I still be a competitive applicant? I am applying for History/Stats/East Asian Studies.

Thanks :)


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2 months ago

Hi @Elainee! A 5 will look good, but you should always remember that the grade you receive in an AP class carries far more weight than the exam score. To know how competitive an applicant you'd be, I'd need additional information (such as your unweighted GPA, standardized test scores or estimates if you're intending to take an submit them, etc.). I encourage you to use our chancing engine for this purpose, though, since it's far more accurate than I can be! To use it, just fill out your chancing profile under the "apps" tab and then find Harvard in the school explorer.


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