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Some ec's for environmental science/studies?

I'm currently a junior and think of majoring in environmental science or studies. I was originally planned to do a course over the summer, but this has been canceled because of covid-19. What are some other extracurriculars that I can do to stand out on my application? I am currently a junior and go to a super small school (around 12 kids in my grade) that doesn't really have clubs or other activities. I've tried to start an environmental club for over a year but no one is interested in joining. Any other ideas?

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2 years ago

do you have any local organizations that engage in environmental work likecleanups, activism, education, other kinds of volunteering? if not, maybe look into some online courses on coursera or edx that you could take over the summer

a year ago

Hello! I know that this is a very, very, very late response, but I wanted to be able to help you! (hopefully)

I am planning on majoring in environmental studies and political science. I haven't participated in any extracurriculars for poli sci since this was a recent decision. So, I think due to COVID and also coming from a very small community, colleges are not going to be too harsh on you for not joining in any extracurriculars related to your desire major. However, you also probably want to join them because they are fun!

Here are my suggestions!

1. Research about Envirothon! I am in a team for Envirothon at my school. It only has to be a team of five people who are really passionate about the environment. There are four main areas: aquatic ecology, soils and land use, forestry, and wildlife. Then there is also a bonus subject that changes each year on a current issue where you have to create a physical presentation for. Last year it was about water management. You do a lot of researching and learning and it was really fun! Until, COVID... Anyways, they are planning on doing it this year, probably virtually, and you should see how they do it where you live! It is super fun and is for high schoolers.

2. Start up a FaceBook group page for local environmentalists. If you spread the word, I am sure you will find people in your community and around you who share the same passions as you have. You all can arrange socially distanced clean-ups or hold educational, virtual meetings. There is a lot you could do online just by finding the right people.

3. Find an online publication website on environmental news. I am actually a member of one! It is called OursToSave and is based in London (I live in Virginia). I met a lot of people from the United Kingdom, Philippines, India, and other areas who share the same passions that I possess. It is a really good opportunity and there are 100's out there that I am sure are looking for volunteers. Bonus: It's all virtual! What you do for the group depends, personally, I am a member of OTS's map team. I find local stories and articles on environmental news and provide a summary on their crowdsourced interactive map. It is really fun, but it is definitely a time commitment! Ever since school has started for me, I haven't really been able to contribute other than spreading their information on social media platforms. So, you should definitively that that into account.

Remember, colleges understand that we are in a pandemic and extracurriculars are not happening at all. If you can't form a club at your school, try doing it online! Extracurriculars and clubs do not have to be affiliated with your high school in order to be genuine. I wish you the best of luck!

2 years ago

Honestly kinda forget the idea of a highschool club and look tour community church group etc and look at organizing a park cleanup day. and if your school offers it I doubt it take AP environmental sciences


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