3 years ago
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Can playing trivia be counted as an Extracurricular activity?

I regularly play trivia on a Discord bot with about 300,000 other players. I have put in approximately an hour a day for the last five months. It is a game where you are asked a question from any category and get points for answering them. It might sound like a foolish idea, but I enjoy it. What are your thoughts?

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@waterice3 years ago [edited]

As long as you can present the activity well and describe it in a way that seems legitimate it could work very well on your record. Ex. "I participate in a large online community of people who share a common interest in virtual trivia games." You might be able to clean it up better than me but it's just an idea.

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3 years ago

If you are looking for something to fill your applications with, then absolutely!! However, if your apps are already pretty full/strong with ECs, then I would recommend using it instead as an essay topic. For example, when asked "why this school," talk about a school's trivia game program or something of the sort as part of it, and connect it to this experience. Hope this helps, good luck!! :)

3 years ago

Go ahead! (So long as you have room in your application).

I'm not sure what application method you're going through, but in CommonApp they list hobbies as something you can put in your activities list.

It sounds like you have dedicated a lot of time and that it's an activity that you do consistently, both of which look good for application activities.

The main thing is how you go about describing it; I don't think you would need to mention that it is hosted on Discord since some people may have a different view of Discord as a company/online community. Make sure you label it as a competition (unless the 300,000 players are all working together). Being labelled as a competition, if you have an impressive standing in the leaderboard definitely mention that as well.

Try to figure out a positive (and impressive on paper) way that it impacts you and what you like about it. Does it facilitate a fun, positive community that allows people to network? Does it teach you more about interesting things that you would have otherwise not heard of? With extracurriculars like this college admissions might not inherently understand the value, so try to make the good things about it as obvious as possible.

2 years ago

Why not, I think it can be pretty beneficial for you, But you need to consider what type of trivia it is and stuff like that. Of course, playing some sports at an amateur level or maybe even just being really good at sports betting with platforms like https://takebet.ke/betting-tips won't be good to mention, especially if you're not applying for a sports college or anything like that.

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