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Cumulative grades

Since I do not have a GPA in my recent grade, I do have only results. What should I enter in my cumulative GPA?

@CameronBameron2 months ago

What country do you live in and what do you mean by results if they are not grades? How is your 12th grade results different than your 9th, 10th, and 11th-grade results? Explain.

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2 months ago

Hi! If by "results" you mean the scores of your final, you would want to average these together to get your GPA. So add together (for each year of school) all of your final grades, and divide them by the number of classes you took finals for. Ex: 3 classes/finals: 80, 90, and 85. Together that equals 255 and / 3 = 85 NGA. From here you can determine your GPA through conversion programs (which are usually online!). I would double-check this with your counselor just to be certain! I hope this helps :)


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