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I am in 8th grade and taking Algebra - I. What pathway can I take to be able to take AP Calc classes by my sophomore year? Should I take geometry in the summer before my freshman year?

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2 months ago

Hi! First, great job for aiming to take advanced math classes. Second, I think this is definitely more of a question for your school or your guidance counselor than for CollegeVine because we have no idea what your school system looks like and what classes are offered.

I'd recommend looking for your school's requirements (prerequisites, rules about who can take which classes, etc.) and formulating a path to achieve your goal of taking AP Calc by sophomore year. Then, talk to your guidance counselor or any school official (this can just be a very brief email outlining which subjects you want to take) and ask to confirm whether [1] the path you've chosen (i.e. what subjects you'll take in what order) is allowed and [2] the path will work (i.e. you'll still complete the right graduation requirements, you'll get the right credits, etc.).

If your school doesn't have anything like a catalog or database where students can browse through course options, then you could also go straight to your guidance counselor and ask them. Almost exactly the questions you've posted here (in a proper email format, of course) would probably work.

Hope this helped!

2 months ago

Hi. So, I feel like I need to give a brief information about me so that I can maybe help you a little better.

When I was in 6th grade, my math teacher suddenly pulled me out of the class and told me that I was going to take the "advanced" math course, meaning I will take Algebra 1 in 7th grade. I had no idea what she meant back then, but I am thankful for her decision now.

My "advanced" math course was this.

7th grade - Algebra 1

8th grade - Geometry & Honors Algebra 2

9th grade - Precalculus

10th grade - AP Calculus (took the AP Calculus BC exam)

11th grade - AP Statistics

12th grade - Multivariable Calculus (online since the school does not offer it)

I agree with the previous answer that it all depends on your school requirements and what they offer. In my school, anyone who the teacher thinks is capable could double their math in 8th grade, so I did not have to take math courses in the summer. We also don't have Trigonometry, so I could take AP Calculus in 10th grade.

Geometry is not that hard. Same with Honors Algebra 2. If you are someone confident in math, I believe that any math up to AP Calculus would be easy. Therefore, talk with your counselor first, but I think taking Geometry before your freshman year or if you have to take Honors Algebra 2, taking both of them in the summer won't be that bad. I think you can do it as long as you are motivated.


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