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I got a 104 in TOEFLBANK AI scored test in the beginning of rising 10 summer break. Is that good?

I didn't specifically study for the test before taking it. I just did it to test my abilities and I got a 104.

I got almost full marks in Writing (9.5/10) and Speaking (14/16).

I'm continuing to work on Reading and Listening, although they aren't THAT bad.

I took the test during the rising 10 summer break.

Is this good for my age or not?

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2 months ago

Hi! A 104 on the TOEFL would be in the 87th percentile, so that's quite good, though not absolutely stellar. In terms of percentiles, that's equivalent to about a 27 on the ACT or about a 1300 on the SAT.

Whether it's "good" won't depend on your age but on the types of colleges that you want to apply to. Like the ACT/SAT, there will be different expectations at different colleges for what is a "good" score, so google "[college name] toefl middle 50th percentile" to find out whether you fall below, within, or above that range for the colleges that you're interested in.

I think the only way that age matters is that someone younger has more time to keep working on their English skills and to improve so you can get a high score on a future test (or on the real test since I think you're referring to the result from a practice test?). If you're in 10th grade then you have a bit of time to study and prepare for the real test, so I'd say that's a good starting point. Just figure out your goal score depending on the colleges you want to apply to, then go for it!


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