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Tips for Getting into Boston University?

My school of choice is Boston University. I'm in the IB diploma program and my gpa's a 4.3 weighted and 3.2 unweighted

My EC's are moderately strong as I hold leadership positions in almost all of them.

I am also founder of our school's Young Democrat Club

I want to major in finance and I was wondering what internships or jobs I should look into or get to show my interest as a rising high school senior?

Also if anyone has additional tips to get into Boston University, my chancing meter says it's a safety school, but my gpa is pretty low and so is my SAT score.

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your ECs sound like they're in good shape, so i'd probably focus on bringing you GPA up as much as you can in the time you have left. as for internships or jobs, anything that gives you experience in a related field—marketing, accounting, etc., would be fantastic if you could manage it. but most finance-related internships are reserved for people who are already in college.


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