3 months ago
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Should I add on my UC Activities list that I was a teacher's aide for my French Teacher?

My extracurriculars are mainly choir-based and I was wondering if it would make my list seem better but I can't find anything online that tells me that it would be a good choice for me to do.

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3 months ago

Hi! It depends on what exactly it means to be a teacher's aide in your context and on how much you care about that activity.

First, if it's something that your school requires or that's somehow part of your curriculum, then I don't think it would qualify as an activity. However, if it's something you volunteered for or you were hired for to help out with in addition to your normal school work, then you could probably include it. Another factor here is how much time you spent on it.

Second, think about how much you care about it and whether you would be able to describe it in a way that's both understandable (i.e. I understand and can imagine what kinds of things you did as a teacher's aide) and meaningful (i.e. I understand why you did it, it's clear that you care about it, etc.).

Since the UC activities give more space for describing what you did in activities and what they mean to you, you should focus on those things and try to figure out whether it's significant enough to your life and your high school journey to include. Generally, I think as long as it's significant enough to you, it would be nice to include to add some contrast to your activities list and show some other sides of yourself besides choir, even if that's your main thing.

Hope this helped!

3 months ago

I would add that! Honestly anything you've done; you should add!


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