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pros and cons of giving an undecided major

what are the pros and cons of giving an undecided major in my application?


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3 months ago

Giving an intended major usually helps them figure out your general direction even if it's very likely to change. That will also give them a preface to support a subject/major-related spike.

I don't see how going undecided could help except for if the college is really into its open curriculum and loves exploratory people. If that's the case, then an undecided major paired with a diverse range of activities could work, as you're telling them that you have many interests and would love to explore those in college. Then again, you're allowed to pick multiple possible intended majors (for most schools), so I don't see why you would pick undecided instead of just picking multiple things.

Bottomline: Don't just pick a random major that you're not interested in just to put something down. Do think about what the rest of your application (especially activities and essays) says about you and you interests, and see if there's a major that you would probably want to study. If you truly have no idea, then go ahead and pick undecided (they won't hold it against you) but make sure that the rest of your application is strong and still reflects who you are, even if that's not one defined thing or subject.

Hope this helped!

3 months ago

Hi there @sahinkhan,

@HelloHome provided a really great answer here. I would definitely recommend choosing a prospective major unless you have a really compelling reason for not having one.

You should also check out this article: https://blog.collegevine.com/reasons-i-regret-applying-undecided/


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