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If I have sent my SAT scores to colleges already but I don't want them to count that as a factor. Is there any way to do this?

Thank you!


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It depends on the college.

Some will have a specific policy on whether they allow students to void scores and up to what point people are allowed to make that decision.

If there's not a clear policy, you can try sending an email to the admissions office giving them your relevant details, informing them that you would not like your scores to be considered in the application process, and asking them whether that would be possible.

Make sure to keep your email respectful and professional, then accept whatever answer they give. I'd also recommend making a spreadsheet or list to keep track because different colleges will probably give you different answers.

Hope this helped!

a month ago[edited]

I recommend reaching out the admissions office either through email or by calling. Some schools, like UNC Chapel Hill for example, are only considering self-reported scores. So, if you sent an official score report, it would not be considered regardless in that case. However, I know not all schools are operating that way. Look into the test score policies for each of your schools to see how they're accepting scores. I think if you email or call them to let them know that you don't want your scores to be considered in your admissions file, it shouldn't be too big of a problem. But of course, it definitely does depend on the school. Good luck!


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