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Should I subit my SAT scores for Northwestern ED?

I got 1450 on my Oct SAT and I plan to apply to Northwestern under ED. Should I report the score or not? Any advice would be appreciated!

@Elainee2 months ago

You are within the range (1430 is their 25th percentile) but you are in the low end. I would say depends on your demographic (asian, white, arab, black, latinx, etc). You can input your details in Collegevines chancing stimulator and it will tell you if your chances of SAT or test optional is better.

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2 months ago

Two admission cycles ago the middle 50% was 1460 to 1540 see this Class of 2025 stats sheet from Northwestern.https://admissions.northwestern.edu/docs/northwestern-class-of-2024-facts-and-figures.pdf

Last cycle we know 3 things, NW applications were up, admissions were down to 6.8% vs 9.3%, and only those with high test scores submitted them because tests were optional. So contrary to what everyone else is saying, I believe that most people with borderline test scores didn't submit. Therefore, once NW releases the same stat sheet for last year the SAT middle will be slightly higher, not lower. My best guess is that the 50% middle SAT for those who submitted was more like 1480-1550.

I could be wrong, but I think there will be more ED applicants to NW this year than last and again, I think only those with high test scores will submit. ED acceptance rates will be 16-17% not 20% and overall acceptance rates will be 6%-6.5%.

That being said if I were applying to NW ED, I'd probably want them to put more weight on my GPA, ECS, Essays than my 1450. I'd probably not submit.

Good luck either way!

2 months ago

The average SAT for Northwestern is anywhere from 1440-1550. While you're technically on the lower side of this, my advice would be to submit your score. I say this because many students are taking advantage of the SAT optional policy this year. So, if 10 kids submit the exact same grades and class rigor as you, but you are the only one to submit an SAT score on top of that, the odds of you being the one they admit will be much higher. I hope that this helps, best of luck to you! :)

2 months ago

Most definitely yes. I plan on taking the ACT this next January, do know any study tips?


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