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Hi! I am applying for Pitts Honors Program. I have a 4.7 GPA, but I have a 1350 SAT. While this is the average for Pitts, it is very low for Pitts Honors. Do you think I should go test optional so I have a chance for Honors? But, I also don’t want to not get accepted to Pitt itself because they think I have a score worst than I do. Please feel free to respond if other people already did. I want to hear opinions. Thank you!!


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As long as your academics (grades, course rigor, etc.) are at the level that the Pitt Honors program usually accepts (exceeding their average GPA would be ideal), then I would definitely go Test-Optional.

They won't ever assume that you have a low score just because you didn't submit it; they'll just look more closely at your grades and academic performance throughout high school (and teacher recs) and lean on those to see whether you're academically qualified.

Hope this helped!


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