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Hey Everyone! International Student here.

So my studies have been disrupted a lot. Before March 2020 everything was perfect. I was on an exchange program that was fully funded by the Govt. and then corona happened. Starting from beginning in my last year of high school I found out that I was selected for an exchange program. I decided to take a gap year and go for the exchange program. Then corona happened and i had to come back. I planned to give my HS exams(A-level) in Oct Nov 2020 but then I got Corona Virus. The thing was I was also caring for my parents as both my sisters were married and in different city and country and my brothers university and internships were in different cities. So while I myself had corona I was caring for my parents who also had corona. This effected my studies and my mental health a lot. Before my transcript was filled with A's and As and I was selected for two Govt scholarships to study abroad for exchange. I had to leave my school as well, as my family couldn't afford my tuition fees anymore. Is this worth mentioning since I spent a lot of time nursing my parents ?

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Hi @077arqi077!

I am so sorry for all that you had to go through - that must have been very tough. You can absolutely mention this on your college apps. In the additional information section on the Common App, you can mention that you and your parents had COVID and that you had to take care of them. You can also mention how you had to transfer schools because of financial difficulties.

A small drop in grades is not going to prevent you from getting into college, especially because you are able to explain why it happened. Like @HelloHome said, talk about how you were still able to persist and do the most with the opportunities you had!

Hope that helps!

3 months ago

We work with an organization called Character Collaborative. The membership is admissions professionals and experts. Based on the conferences I've attended, colleges want to know how you spend your time outside the classroom. They value contributions you make whether that's to help your family or volunteer in your community. Your sacrifice and attention to your family is important because it's shaping who you are.

Talk about your time helping your family, what you learned, how you matured and learned new things. Colleges want to see resilience because higher education often requires perseverance.

I hope you and your family enjoy good health in the future. Don't give up and your future is within reach.

3 months ago

This is absolutely worth mentioning. The most important information here in my opinion is that you were sick, you had to take care of your parents, and you had to leave school (clarify whether this was temporary or you moved schools) because of financial difficulties. That will really help colleges understand your context. Just try to show them how you still did as much as you could despite this lack of opportunity.

Hope this helped!


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