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How to calculate my GPA, my grades are in a different grading system than the US?

I completed my High School in Mexico, so my transcript is very different from yours, I don't have credits, I don't have course types i.e. AP, IB, Honors, College-Level Courses, etc; hence the distinction between weighted and unweighted GPA does not exist in Mexico.

Because of this, calculating my GPA is complicated because I need that information e.i. course type, credits, etc. but that doesn't apply for me at least as I know.

Here is my transcript from freshman to senior year: https://imgur.com/a/DChBf9e, as you can see is a different grading system and because of that I'm stuck calculating my GPA.

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Assuming that 10.0 is the highest grade equivalent to a perfect 100% or A+ grade, then it looks like your GPA is 9.7 on a 10.0 scale or 3.84 when converted to a 4.0 scale.

Here's a CollegeVine blog post with a GPA converter that might help: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-convert-your-gpa-to-a-4-0-scale/

When calculating GPA, all you have to do is take the average of all of your final grades. Don't worry about weighting or adjusting for credits if all classes/courses in your school are worth the same (if they're all regular/standard).

When converting GPA, the "scale" of your school is the highest average that anyone can get. At my school, it's 100; it looks like it's 10.0 at your school, though correct me if I'm wrong. Once you figure out your school's GPA-scale, just google [convert 10.0 GPA to 4.0 scale] or replace "10.0" with whatever your school's GPA-scale is. Then, you can easily input your final average grade (looks like it's 9.6 right now) into the converters and see what your GPA is on a 4.0 scale.

One note is that some schools recalculate GPA to include only the core subjects, so if you have any subjects on your transcript that are "fluff" courses (e.g. Free period, art class, physical education/gym class, etc.) then you might want to recalculate your GPA by averaging your core classes just to see what colleges might see. For the sake of applications, though, the CommonApp and CoalitionApp have places where you can input what scale your school uses and you should definitely input whatever will appear on your transcript (10-scale) and not the converted version (4-scale).

I also just want to add that while it was super helpful to see to answer this question, I don't know if putting your transcript up on the internet is the best or safest thing. I'd probably edit the post to remove the link and instead just describe what kinds of grades you get if you still want others to chime in. Just something to consider!

Hope this helped!


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