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What would the Best Buddies program be?

I am a part of Best Buddies, an international program where they pair buddies (people with IDD) with buddies (people without IDD). What extracurricular would this count as?

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3 months ago

Hello @pineapple_queen!

For Common App activities, this would probably follow "Community Service (Volunteer)" or "Other Club/Activity", depending on how you interpret it. Either way, you could change your explanation of the activity to fit the description, as it can fit in multiple places. Sounds like a great program though!

Hope this helps!

3 months ago

Hello @pineapple_queen,

That depends. Based on your brief description, it sounds like you volunteered as a buddy to do activities with students in the program. If not, feel free to set me straight.

Best buddies is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. So you can count the time as volunteering, assuming again, that you were giving your time to support another person (your buddy) in the community.

Be sure to accurate track your hours, and describe your impact. You can even request a letter of recommendation from the advisor or family of your buddy.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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