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AB vs BC Calculus

Hi everyone!

I have a question about Calculus, specifically regarding the Wharton School at UPenn.

This year, I am taking AB calculus after getting a B in precalc. However, a majority of other ivy-league applicants at my school are currently taking BC calculus and will move on to multivariable calculus. Is this an issue for ivy league admissions? (I meet the academic threshold for all of them, 3.9 UW + 1520 SAT)

The Wharton School, on the website, also describes an importance of a good understanding of calculus. Will this hurt my chances of getting in?

Dream schools- Penn, Dartmouth, Cornell, UVA (29%, 32%, 34%, 59%)

Thanks for your help!


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2 months ago

Yes it could slightly affect your chances for multiple reasons! They need to see that you are taking the hardest courses offered. Second, it will not show that you are taking the classes best for your major. Your grades are good so try exchanging good grades, EC, leadership roles, for no calculus. You still have a great chance but yes it will affect your chances, so try taking it maybe at junior college or online. ALso make your application strong! Good luck!


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