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At what SAT score would you submit to Wake Forest?

I watched a few of your seminars. The other day one of the Collegevine presenters said that he would submit to a school at >25% of the schools admitted SAT range as you would probably be at the >50% for all of the people submitting applications. However last night I thought I heard something different. At what SAT score would you submit to Wake Forest and have a decent chance of being admitted?

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2 years ago

The advice for submitting at the 25th percentile of admitted students is valid. If you attended the webinar on highly competitive admissions last night, it's likely that you were told to submit a higher score to be more competitive. The way I understand their advice is this: Submitting at the 25th percentile is better than going test optional. However, being at the 25th percentile doesn't make you the most competitive applicant so submitting a higher score is better if possible. Wake Forest has a fairly low SAT threshold compared to other schools of its caliber so it shouldn't be too difficult.


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