2 months ago
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Punctuation error on college app.

Hello, I need advice.

I submit my college essay and there was an accidental punctuation error such as this:

" .?I realized my voice was essential.."

All of my other sentences were grammatically correct, but there was this one error of a random question mark that I am unsure of how it got there. will this error decrease my overall chances? I am worried about this!

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@CosmiiicK2 months ago

I guess it really just depends on how well the rest of your essay is written.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@ilovefruitsnacks2232 months ago

@CosmiiicK the rest of my essay was pretty well written and had no grammatical errors. I did multiple revisions and checks over it.

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2 months ago

It will decrease your chances, but like by 0.05%. It's not like you have a ton of errors (I assume you proofread), so they know you put in the effort. And, if it's something like the common app, it's one character in like 2000, which is nothing. Plus, this will only be for one school as you can change it for the next ones. You'll be fine.

Hope that helps!


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