3 months ago
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Need help on punctuation errors

Hello, I need advice.

I submit my college essay and there was an accidental punctuation error such as this:

" .?I realized my voice was essential.."

All of my other sentences were grammatically correct, but there was this one error of a random question mark that I am unsure of how it got there. will this error decrease my overall chances? I am worried about this!


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3 months ago

It will be alright, small punctuation errors shouldn't matter much in the grand scheme of most essays.

Besides, if you already submitted it there wouldn't be anything you could do even if there was a problem. I try to avoid looking over things after I have already permanently submitted them, otherwise I'd just end up stressing myself out over things that I can't change.

Once it's submitted, just let it go. You did your best, and little things you missed won't matter nearly as much as you think it will when you're stressed about all this stuff.

Best of luck on your admissions!

3 months ago

Didn't we already answer this? You'll be fine, they won't even consider it if the rest of your essay is good.


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