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I am a community college student almost done with my first year. I am majoring in Physics.

I got to a local community college, I moved to the US senior year of my high school. I feel so lost in the UC application system, I don’t know how to actually do things that will make my application standout and enhance my chance of getting in. I am majoring in Physics and I am not a US Citizen, most of the internships require citizenship. I also don’t know how am I supposed to answer the required essay question which includes “How you are prepared to succeed in the upper division courses besides classes?” I need guidance. Thanks in advance

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4 years ago

i can't help on all these aspects, but for that essay question, try to talk about intangible qualities that might help you succeed academically at rigorous schools like the UCs. things like initiative, drive, good study skills and habits, time management skills... what would give you (or anyone, theoretically) the ability to do well in upper level classes?

as for enhancing your application, try to involve yourself in things (whether at your CC or elsewhere in your community) that show your ability to commit to a goal or objective and complete it, or that might show off other skills that you have.

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