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Why are online course so expensive?

I was doing some reseach b/c I was thinking about getting my mba and I shocked to find that some online grade courses are more expensive than traditional graduate class in the classroom.

I would think that b/c of technology prices would be much cheaper and make it more accessible for continuing your education. It is more accessible but cheaper i didn't see. I think that I can joining some of the online networking groups, such as https://callmechat.com/shagle

There are usually plenty of people on there, I might find some admissions people who would come along. And at the same time I will save money. I also know alot of universities in the US have message boards.

You could ask for details about admissions tutors and phone/email them inviting them to the board.

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3 months ago

One answer: Supply and Demand. Students are are gonna pay, so the prices will remain expensive. Plus, colleges don't want to make it seem like the courses are of lower quality because they are cheaper.

Hope that helps!


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