2 years ago
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Can I take the AP exams without having it taught by my school?

( 10 grade) I didn't do anything in my freshman year of high-school, so I am taking AP courses this year. My school is a small classical school that isn't recognized by the College board; I was wandering if I could buy books from the college board and be self-taught or get a tutor. Im not too informed on how the system works and if I need multiple books for one course.

@Poodlepal2 years ago

Yes! In fact I am currently doing this. You will need to sign up for an AP exam at another local high school since your school doesn't offer one and then, besides studying, you're good to go! I'm not sure what exam you plan on taking but I recommend, since you are self-studying and this is your first time, taking one that is relatively "easy". Common exams that students self-study form are usually AP Psych--which I am currently studying for--and AP Human Geography. Take whatever suits you!

@Poodlepal2 years ago

As for studying tools, when you sign up for the exam, you will get AP daily videos which you can't go wrong with it. Buy practice books, Barron's or Princeton are considered the best. Also, watch a ton of youtube videos, With enough searching you'll find someone who cover the topic good. Check out Khan academy if you are doing APAH, APCHEM, APBIO, ECON, CALC, or Physic.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@jo12912 years ago

How will I be able to sign up for the exam at another high-school? Im not sure on the details of that and if it varies from school to school.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@jo12912 years ago

Thank you for the study tools! Ive heard that people get practice books but how will I know that the practice books are out of date?

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2 years ago

Yes, you can absolutely do this!! I would recommend taking a course close that your school offers (for example, regular psychology for AP psych) and then purchasing the books and review that way. There are usually pdf copies of the books online for free as well, so I'd check that out before spending any money. Paid online classes and YouTube are also options. I took AP English Lang online and got a 4 on my exam, so it definitely works for some people :) Hope this helps, good luck!!

2 years ago

Hi. Just a brief background information about me. I took 7 AP exams and will probably take 4 more AP exams this year (senior year). I know it's not that many compared to other kids from competitive schools, but at our school, I think I took the most AP exams among my classmates. Therefore, I might be able to give realistic advice.

From experience, I would not advice you to take any of the physics AP courses by self-studying. Most of my younger friends took AP Physics 1 and got really really low scores even when they had tutors (and even the ones that are academic).

Basically, I took every STEM AP courses except AP Physics C (which I am taking this year), and they are hard. Even with a school teacher, I had to spend a lot trying to understand the concept.

Now I think of it, I think I took AP courses that are especially hard to self-study, so maybe I won't be that useful. The "easiest" AP course that I have taken so far is AP Psychology. Although people say it is "easy," I personally don't think it is as easy as people say. There is a lot to memorize, so if you are not really motivated, nothing goes into your mind. I'm taking it right now, so I don't have much to say about this, but this is my thought. If you have time and you are really determined and if psychology has to do with your major, take AP Psychology. If you don't have much time and you are not as confident, then don't.

History AP courses are very hard as well. The two AP English courses are known to be hard to self-study (I mean, extremely), so avoid that.

I have given you information on what not to take (except AP Psychology), so hopefully this was helpful. Ask any question, and I will try to answer.

I would recommending checking websites that tell you which AP courses are easy to study and which are hard. I think those are reliable.


Ones with a hyphen are the ones I recommend personally.

Computer Science Principles (2.6)

Psychology (3.2) -

Human Geography (3.9) -

Environmental Science (4.1) -

US Government and Politics (4.3) -

Computer Science A (4.3)

Statistics (4.6)

Macroeconomics (4.6) -

Microeconomics (4.7) -

Seminar (4.8)

Honsetly, though, even the easiest AP course will be harder than regular courses. Know that these are AP courses, and although I am sure if you are motivated, you will be able to get a good score, but please just keep that in mind.

2 years ago

Yes, 100%. You don't even need to take the class to take the exam (so that homeschooled students or those without access are able to as well). Check to see your nearby schools for areas that are recognized by College Board to see where your testing centers are, and register early next year. Good luck on those AP exams!

Hope that helps!

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