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Tips on getting into an Ivy League without perfect grades?

This is probably a silly question, but does having a B on my transcript and not being in the highest math level significantly impact my chances for admission? (Particularly in comparison with my school, where most ivy+ applicants have a 4.0, BC Calc Junior Year, etc.)

Dream schools- Princeton (27%), UPenn (29%), Dartmouth (31%), UVA (59%+Legacy)

Thanks so much!

@Kefe3 months ago

Where are you getting the 27%, 29%, 31%, and 59% from? That seems really high considering Princeton acceptance rate for example is just 6%.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@dev83 months ago

Mostly from my EC's (all but two are at the national level or above) :)

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3 months ago

Hi! In all honesty, one B is not going to make or break you. Ivys are going to care the most about your overall grades. What is your trend overall (A student, V student, etc.)? What is your GPA? What is your rank? How did you score on the SAT/ACT? (If you don't submit these scores, they will look closer at your classes, so if you scored well, be sure to submit them!). How rigorous were your classes? What are your ECs like? Not taking every hard class is also not going to make or break you. I'd suggest using College Vine's chancing calculator to see exactly where you stand with these schools so that you know what to expect. Along with this, check their admissions requirements. How many APs do they like to see? What is their average SAT/ACT? Average GPA? I hope that this helps you. But overall your standings sound amazing. Best of luck! :)


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