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Common App counselor GPA report

Hello! I'm an international student from S.Korea.

I have an one year elder who applied US universities via Common App. Teachers who helped him to apply told me that my counselor should report GPA using online converter. But what I've heard from Common App support and Collegevine communities is that my counselor should leave GPA and GPA scale empty.

The problem is, my counselor has already filled my GPA using online converter and submitted it. What is more, it doesn't include 9th grade ranks. Because in Korea, 9th grade is Middle School age and from 10th grade becomes High School. I thought he could fix it out using Optional Report, but GPA is marked as must. How can I issue it out?


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3 months ago

Who said that you should leave GPA and GPA scale empty and in what context? I've never heard that before and I have no idea why that would benefit you in any way because, as far as I know, GPA and GPA scale are super important pieces of information that give colleges context about how well you've done in high school. Could you give some more information about where you heard that/who said that and whether they gave a reason?


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