2 months ago
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I was skimming through my college vine chancing just now, and I'm a bit confused. When I go to "my list" and view all of my schools in a list form, my odds of getting accepted are higher. However, when I go into the specific school to see my chances, my percentage drops significantly. For example, Penn State tells me 87% in my sheet, but when I go into the school, it tells me under chancing, it tells me 79%. Which number is right?? I was thinking my odds of being accepted to certain schools were higher because of this. Any insight would be great. Thanks so much!

@viamahon2 months ago

Is it possible that when you clicked on the specific college you had things altered to how it wasnt you? You know how you can click on a college and change some things about your gpa and test scores to see different possibilities? Maybe you did that on accident?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Kaitlyn53942 months ago

I think it was just a glitch in the system because the numbers are back to normal now, haha. Thank you so much!!

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2 months ago

@Kaitlyn5394 Glad to hear that it's working for you now. For an extended explanation of our chancing engine, you can refer to this article!


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