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I was wondering whether we can submit the CSS profile after the November 1 deadline? Because I am planning to ask colleges for CSS waiver through mail and they ask for an ID which we get after we submit the application?

Also, how exactly can an international student get a common app fee waiver if I qualify for one of those conditions mentioned on the website? Is it like initially while submitting it does not ask for an application fee but can ask later by verifying? Is counselor proof mandatory?



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a month ago

Yes, you can! Most colleges have a longer deadline for the CSS profile (most of them are due on November 15, but be sure to check your college' CSS deadline). You can go to the college's website in the financial aid section.

About the common app fee waiver, just click the option in the common app fee waiver section if you are eligible. If you choose the "my school can provide details" option, yes, it's mandatory to submit your counselor proof. Though, some colleges state that it's not mandatory.

a month ago

To my knowledge, it differs between schools! Some schools have an earlier deadline than others, it just depends on the school.


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