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Future Internship on Activity Section?

I have an internship set up for next semester with Catholic Charities (non-profit organization that provides shelter, food, immigration, refugee, senior and other services), It will show that I have it on my transcript as a class in place of a religion credit. Is this enough to show the colleges that I am applying to that I am going to be interning somewhere, or should I mention it in my activities section? Since my top school that I am applying to has a big emphasis on service


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2 months ago

You can include it in your Additional Information Section with maybe a sentence or two (probably max of 3) describing it and telling them when you'll start (and maybe why you care about it if that's significant). I wouldn't put it in the Activities Section if you haven't started yet.

Hope this helped!

2 months ago

Hi there @PLB444,

I agree with @HelloHome in that it doesn't make sense to list an activity you haven't actually participated in yet. However, you can mention that you are starting the program in your Additional Information section IF it is not clear on your transcript or other documents that you are participating in this program. If you can provide more information, I'm happy to give more pointed advice on this topic.

Best of luck!


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