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Recently made a new club. How do i write the time commitment ?

Just created a new IT club. Physical school started and thought to make CS more interactive.

SInce it is recently formed, how should i write the hours per week and weeks per year.

I plan to do one event every month

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28 days ago

I think you should report it as something you are very involved in weekly.

When describing it on an activity resume or attachment- talk about your responsibilities as the club leader, why you chose to make it, and your future plans.

When writing, word it to show your personal growth, colleges really like that so they can get to know you!

27 days ago

Hi there @UrBroOnFire,

I agree with @Kim2022 that you can estimate the weekly commitment on your Activities section. Be sure to mention your role as the founder as well as any leadership commitments you have taken on by proxy in this role. Starting a club could also serve as a solid essay topic if you are mentioning something you are passionate about or a profound leadership experience.

Best of luck and hope this helped!


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