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Should the Common App Additional Information be well-structured?

Hello. I'm applying Early Decision, it's 3 days left until deadline.

I wrote an Additional Information with my personal challenge, translation problem (I'm an international student), and grading system explanation. Since I'm not that good at writing, even in my native language, I'm pretty worried about the text. I've submitted it to peer essay review, but I don't think it will be done in time, it's marked as delayed.

So what I care is what if my words are misleading, rude, or improperly stated. I think I've managed to deliver the information I want to share since online translators give me intended results. But flow, manners, everything else, I'm still concerned. Is it okay the Additional Information is improperly formatted? Like, off-topic parts, hard-to-read sentences.


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a month ago

My recommendation is to make sure your entire common application is 100% consistent with what your intended narrative is. There should be no second-guessing from whoever reads your file.

Don't rely on online translators, or the peer review to go through your entire application. Make sure there are no spelling, grammar, punctuation, or flow mistakes. Remember that anything that is not consistent or believable that you wrote it yourself, will be a red flag.

Good luck with your editing.


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