2 years ago
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can some be able to use CollegeVine's chancing calculator if they aren't from the US?

I know someone who isn't in the US and wants to know his chances of getting onto some colleges here. is it possible for him to use collegevine's chancing calculator?

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2 years ago

Hey there! International students can use the chancing to see how their academic or extracurricular profiles compare to other applicants at similar schools based on the results it generates. While this can certainly give your friend some sense of how competitive his profile is, it is also important to consider that there are factors in our chancing results that are specific to domestic students (like in-state status for example) and other factors that it does not account for that may apply only to international students.

So the chancing result may not be as accurate as it would be for the domestic students, but the recommendations it provides should still be relevant. Hope this helps!

2 years ago

Yes but lower it a bit for prestigious schools cause I heard that ivies are lowering international aceptees but foe the less well known schools it would be semi accurate


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