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What would be considered the best job for someone that excels in math and science?

I am currently a junior in high school and I am taking classes that normally are offered in college. I am in AP calculus and I am not dong to bad in the class as it is. I am also taking AP chemistry. I was wondering what college should I go to or what majors should I consider. I don't really have an idea but I want to do something that will get me paid in the future. I am a hard working student and I always try my best. I also am pretty good at computer programs and algorithms.

Thanks, Matt

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@Vivi2 years ago

I recommend you major in biomedical engineering or biology if your good at math and science. I'm also a junior in high school and I'm good in math and decent in science so I'm planning on majoring in health sciences.

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Thanks I was also thinking along those lines

@Vivi2 years ago

No problem :)

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2 years ago

This is a question only you can answer because "math and science" can lead you to so many different places. Try thinking about what parts of STEM appeal to you. Is working with code natural to you? DO you find it easier to analyze statistics than most? To find what you want to do, you need to think deeply about why those general subjects are interesting to you. I'd also advise you to think twice before you "chase a check". Some careers are notoriously draining despite high wages. Examples that come to mind are financial consulting and medicine in some cases. Some people are well suited to the daily grind of these paths, others aren't. Most stem jobs make good money, so don't look at the median starting salary for each major and pick the highest earning without research.

2 years ago

Medical Scientists, Chemical Engineers, Chemists and Materials Scientists, Forensic Science Technicians, Atmospheric Scientists, and Biochemists and Biophysicists are all careers that go along those lines. In order to choose a major you are more interested in, I would recommend to look up the syllabus/curriculum of those majors (biomedical engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, applied math) to see which classes you might take at colleges that interest you. This will give you a better picture of how your college life might look when choosing one of these majors. Additionally, the following careers all have high paying salaries. But ultimately, follow your gut and pursue something that you are passionate about because you will have more chance of succeeding.


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