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Am I able to add a website I coded in the Common App Additional Information section?

I coded a website for a Girls Who Code program and would like to include it in my application somewhere. Are admissions officers able to click the link if I add it? Also the website has quite a few words on it so would they be able to look at it given that it would technicaly exceed 650 words?

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26 days ago

Hi @star124 and @monkeasheck,

I would recommend putting that you made a website + a description with time commitment and other details in the Activities section of your Common App.

The link can go in the Activities section, or you can include it in the Additional Information section if you don't have room - however, it's doubtful that an admissions officer will actually click it and take an in-depth look at your site.

Hope this helps!

a month ago

Absolutely! You are able to include links in the common application and the word count of your website does not factor into the application's word count.

Hope this helps!


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