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CommonApp - Living in the US (KL-YES)

Hello again!

I have a specific question regarding the CommonApp query on having lived in the US. I was an exchange student with the KL-YES Program and spent eight months living in the US. However, to my understanding, this question should only be answered positively if I was a tax-payer during this time - which I don't reckon I was, having been on a J1 visa.

Does anybody have a similar experience or advice to offer me? Should I mark this question as having lived in the US for 1 year or less, or not having lived there at all?


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3 months ago


Unfortunately, I don't have a similar experience, but if I were you, I'd mark Yes on this question.

Even if you were not paying taxes, you did live in the US for 8 months, so that counts as something.

You can also send an email to some university of your choice asking about this specific detail. I'm 100% sure they'll answer you quickly and give a proper answer.


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