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Where to upload Predicted Grade Sheets?

Hello, I am currently in grade 12 and I have not appeared for my final exams yet. My counsellor has issued my predicted score report but she is asking me where to upload it. I don't have idea at all and neither does she. This is the first time I am applying and her as well. I need to apply by tomorrow. Please help me with this. Where does the predicted grade sheet go?

@DebaterMAX2 months ago

I feel like this should be in #admissionsadvice. Also do you have some sort of 3rd party system like Naviance that your school uses? That’s typically where official documents are used.

@DebaterMAX2 months ago

Also official documents aren’t required to Ben submitted by the deadline. For example I submitted my application EA a few days ago but the rec letters will only be sent like Tuesday. It

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2 months ago

Hi there @siviaanzal,

Your predicted score report and other official transcript documentation should be submitted via the Common App, Coalition App, or whatever other application platform you're using (UC, ApplyTexas, etc.). Your counselor will have to create their own separate account to the portal and upload your documents there.

Hope this helps!


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