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11 months ago
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Since schools are going test optional, should I submit I underachieving to average SAT score or no SAT score?

This question is regarding the best chance of getting in.

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@cp83911 months ago

Any schools in particular? It'll help us answer for you.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@HaydenHall11 months ago

Some of my reach schools that I worry about are UT Austin, UVA, and University of Miami.

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11 months ago

None of the schools you mentioned have gone test optional at the moment. Obviously that could change if no more test dates are offered. The guidance collegevine has given on some of their webinars is that you should submit scores if you're at or above the 25th percentile for the school. A test score really helps prove that you have the academic ability the school is looking for and because grades are being altered by the pandemic, it's the most consistent measure.


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