2 months ago
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I need help with the activities section in my common app

anyone down to help me with choosing the right activities and writing its description right?

I can send a doc with the activities in them.

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@FrannkyR.2 months ago

Same I did not do as much activities during my High School years and I need help on what to put

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a month ago

Hi there @meral,

You have a few options on CollegeVine when it comes to getting an expert review of your extracurricular profile -

You can submit a Communities question with your activities listed out and specific questions you have around improvement.

You can also submit to one of our Livestreams, such as Live Essay Reviews, Live Profile Reviews, or Writer's Workshops, where one of our experts will review your submission for free live on our site! You can register and submit to these for free here.

If you have the means and want thorough, in-line editing, you can also submit to our paid Essay Review and one of our experts will provide that for you.

To keep Communities safe, please do not post your email or other personal information, especially if you are a minor! Thank you - I hope this response helps and best of luck!

a month ago

So I’d advise against sharing documents publically. However what you should do IMO is google how to write activities section. The one by Shemissisan Consulting is the gold standard IMO. Excuse my spelling along with CVs. However those are broadly simplified to write it as a bullet points with stats. Also you could break down your activities so you fill one slot instead of 2. I’m a member of a student board and I split my charity work with that of my fun n games section of my responsibilities

2 months ago

Sure!! I'll be glad to help.

I'm not sure if there is a private chat here but you can take a look. If so, you can send me your doc through there and I'll take a look.


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