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Get CEFR score in case colleges don't accept 2020 AP Language test?

Finished AP Spanish Literature (2020). Should I also take a test like DELE so that I have a CEFR score? I see that some colleges (e.g. Princeton) are requiring placement exams even for those with 5s on the 2020 AP Language tests.

If CEFR, what score is equivalent to AP Lang or Lit? C1?



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2 years ago[edited]

i don't know about this myself but i found a thread on r/languagelearning that goes over this question a bit: https://www.reddit.com/r/languagelearning/comments/6006jj/what_cefr_level_is_an_ap_test_equivalent_to/. that said, i don't think the exams you're asking about are exactly the same as AP lang or lit, since those are both literature analysis courses (yes lang is still a literature analysis course despite the name—it's just nonfiction analysis instead of fiction analysis). it would likely be more equivalent to an actual AP language, like Spanish, French, or Mandarin.

though if princeton or other colleges require placement exams despite AP language scores, i'm not sure if they'd also still require placement for other similar exams.


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