3 years ago
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There are only 6 AP classes at my school. Do I have to take additional courses?

So my school is located in Korea and it is not very well known. It's rather a very small school so even many of the people around my region don't know about my school.

I don't know if any more will be added but my school currently offers 6 AP classes, and one of them is done after the application deadline so it's only 5 AP classes that are included in my resume.

My top priority for now is MIT and I am in my 10th grade.

Is it okay if I only take what's available or do I have to take additional courses and tests?


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3 years ago

Take every AP that is available, it's not your fault if your school doesn't have as many options. When you're applying, they'll look at all of your courses you've taken AND plan to take even if you haven't started them at the time of your application (they'll also probably want an end-of-year report so they can see your grades for those classes). Also, take any other higher level courses (I don't know if there are any besides AP available for you), get good grades in those classes and do a TON of extracurriculars. Take STEM electives and focus some of your extracurriculars on it too. I'd look at the requirements for MIT and what all they want from you specifically, and even reach out to their admissions counselors or and ask them directly. You're only in 10th grade, you have some time to figure it all out!

3 years ago

Hi there @B612_jb,

I agree with @vic.toriacj here in that you should take all of the AP courses and other advanced-level coursework (though you did say there isn't any) available to you. I also wanted to let you know about some other options you have to show course rigor on your transcript.

First, you can take classes at your local community college. Taking advanced courses there will demonstrate that you have the tools to succeed in a college environment. You can also self-study for AP tests by purchasing practice books and teaching yourself the concepts. While this is difficult, it shows initiative on your part and will also demonstrate expertise in the subjects you choose to take tests in.

Another note is that your regional admissions reader should be familiar with your high school. Ideally, they are aware that 6 APs is the maximum and any other honors work on your part will be considered above the norm for your high school. I would recommend getting in touch with your admissions officer if you can or calling the admissions office to see if their college has any specific advice on how to demonstrate rigor within your high school's constraints. This will give you a more focused idea of how to improve your resume.

Hope this helped!

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