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05/19/2020 at 07:52PM
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How to start a nonprofit at school?

I am really passionate in tutoring and public service. I tutor online and in a few other organizations. I am interested in starting up a nonprofit for free tutoring in my school because I know a lot of people who cant afford it. I know there are probably many other nonprofits that do the same thing I hope to achieve but I want this nonprofit to be focused on my community. I was wondering if someone could guide me through the steps on how to start it? Or could provide me with some advice?


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3 answers

05/22/2020 at 03:29AM

I would recommend that you speak with a local middle school or elementary school and provide your assistance. Organize a group of students to participate and create a schedule of students that will go to that school at certain times.

05/21/2020 at 02:56AM

Hey! I have a non-profit that has a tutoring program as well so I thought this would be a great question to answer. Depending on the age of students you want to tutor, it is best if this non-profit starts as a club at first. If you're tutoring kids at your own high school this is ideal. If you're tutoring kids at the local middle school, a club is also ideal since you can foster that through your school as well (whether public or private). The reason a non-profit is not the best way to start this idea is because it requires a lot of legal work and funding. Therefore, a club is a better fit. If the club grows to encompass your ENTIRE community, then you could start filling out the necessary paperwork and paying the fees to become a legal non-profit. To start the club, you should get a teacher to support your idea and become the moderator for this club alongside you, the founder. In this way the both of you could work with the administration to start your club. Then, gather students who would tutor others (could target the NHS by enticing them with service hours) along with students who need tutoring. When you are able to identify both of these groups and their need for this type of program, then I would suggest making a website to facilitate records of students who are volunteering, their free periods, students who are struggling, their free periods (and subjects they're having trouble w/) and begin to match these students for tutoring sessions during free periods or after/before school. Trust me, it will get easier as you go along. Also, people may be more willing to help if you created a board for your club (academic students love leadership positions). So as founder and president you could entice them with the positions of VP, Secretary, Public Relations, Treasurer, tech coordinator, etc to gain more support. Everything will get easier from then on. Don't worry-- you got this!

05/20/2020 at 12:02AM

I would recommend starting a peer tutoring club. A couple of people did that at my school and it was very successful; they quickly got a lot of students since it was associated with the school and teachers were able to recommend students. You could have some sort of screening process (GPA, teacher rec, etc) for potential student tutors and then have a form or something for prospective students to fill out. If you're dead set on starting an actual nonprofit, I can't really help you there (sorry!) but I think an easy and surefire way to go is starting a club at your school and then possibly expanding it to the middle or elementary schools nearby.


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