3 years ago
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Does admission officers look my essays at once?

Hello, I’m completing my supplemental essay. While writing it, I ommited some parts that may help understand the supplemental essay about what I mentioned in personal statement and additional information.

Do they check my essay at once? Or do I have to make the parts more detail?

@deborahmg143 years ago

I'm afraid I didn't understand your question. Why did you omit information from the supplemental essay? And I believe the admissions officers receive a pdf with your whole application data, including all of the essays you sent to that university.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chrimp3 years ago [edited]

Sorry, I think I failed to write what I was thinking. I omitted parts which describe something that already described on other essays. Say, if I described about a competition in personal statement, then refer it in supplemental essay, I write it like "as I mentioned in personal statement" rather than describing it again.

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3 years ago

That's for replying to my comment, now I understand what you mean. Well, I am almost sure the admission officers will look for your personal statement before any other essay you submitted, but regardless, I would still describe some activities in every essay even if you already mentioned it in another essay. If it was already mentioned in the same essay, then you could say "as previously mentioned", but another essay... it's not a good idea.

I don't think it will hurt you or influence their decision, but it's best to facilitate in giving them information about you.

3 years ago

So typically at selective schools one person reads your entire application. Sometimes 2 people but then its forwarded to a comitee of roughly 7 people who takes the person who reviewed it recomendation into account then they make a majority or sometimes unamanoimus decision. But the critical person to impress is the person who reads your essays first but everyone else will glance at your ECs so acroymns could be repeated.

Check out Reed College Admissions case study on Yt for what I mean.

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