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On the UC application, they mention the use of middle school language courses. Do these middle school language courses need to be put on my transcript in order for them to be confirmed? Because I was looking at my friend's transcripts that go to public school and their language classes from their middle school are already on theirs. I took 3 years of German and plan on minoring in a language in college. In my last year of middle school we took the AATG (high school german proficiency test) where I got above average. I do not need the credits to qualify for the UCs, since I'm in my fourth year of French, I just thought it would be good to stand out and show my dedication to learning languages.


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28 days ago

So for example my HS has 9th grade class as Spanish2 therefore 8th grade is implied so no it doesnt need to be explicit as long as youre truthful and not making it up. However as you have 4 years of french you should only list spanish if you want to study world business linguistics etc as otherwise its useless bar having a notable 2nd language EC.


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