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Mid-year report drop in grades

How much do I have to drop my average grade from 11th grade to my mid-year report of 12 grade for admission officers to revoke my acceptance if I got accepted in ED.

Average grade in 11th grade (out of 10): 9.7

Expected average grade in mid-year report of 12 to grade (out of 10): 8.5

Is that a huge drop in my grades? Will they still look at my final year report to make a decision?


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3 years ago

I wouldn't be trying to do the minimum grade to not get kicked out if I were you, especially if you really want to get in since you're applying early decision. They will look at your final grades and will rescind your acceptance letter if they see that you completely slacked off and lowered your grades tremendously/dropped courses. As this is like a high A to a B+ from 9.7 to 8.5, I would assume that the admissions counselors would raise an eyebrow because that's a decent decrease. So, I would try to improve those grades (it's not a huge difference but I wouldn't risk it), something like a 9 should be enough, and show that you're putting in effort beyond college applications.

Hope that helps!

3 years ago

Hi, thank you for asking your question! Congrats on the ED acceptance! As long as you stay above the C and D ranges, given your strong academic record, this should be manageable, you should be in great shape. Here are some items to keep in mind as you enter into senior year.

3 years ago

Wow-what a weird question. Are you trying to slide by senior year?

The truth is that college can rescind their admissions for any reason whatsoever not just a drop in grades. Each college likes its own country with its own government and set of standards and rules. There are no published minimum grades you have to maintain.

I personally know someone who decided that they could slack off the senior year and got some Cs and a D and UCLA told them to stay home because their spot just closed because of a lack of initiative on their part. Other people have been kicked out of Harvard before their Freshman year. 10 incoming Harvard freshmen got all their admissions rescinded posting vulgar Facebook posts.




As long as you have Bs. (B average) you should be okay.

Good luck

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