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Transcript Arrived Late for Early Action

Hi y'all,

I requested a transcript to be sent via electronic service on the 27th of October for all of my schools. There is supposed to be 0 turnaround time as the counselor approves the transcript and sends them, and I'd warned him that I was requesting them. However, my counselor did not send my transcripts until the morning of the 1st (after I emailed him in a panic), and looking through my applicant portals shows that they were received on the 2nd.

A lot of my EA schools require all materials to be submitted by the November 1st deadline, so the transcripts being received on the 2nd puts this in jeopardy. I'm not quite sure what to do. Apparently, the University of Michigan sends out an email telling you that you are eligible for early action, and I haven't received it.

Does this mean I've been pushed to the RD pool for every single college that wanted everything by the 1st? Should I contact the schools to make sure/talk to my counselor?

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No. Your part of the application is what's due on Nov. 1. My counselor has told me along with other students various times that there is a little bit of extra time to submit those other documents after Nov. 1. Don't worry, if your transcript arrives late it won't impact your application.

As for the University of Michigan I'm not sure, I only know this is the case for other schools such as the Ivies, T20, etc.


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