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How Would I addd a portfolio/ explain my art on Common App?

Hello, I currently am experimenting with Photoshop and 3D modeling on Blender. When I include this on Common App, how would I explain it? And how would I share my portfolio of all of the art I've made?


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3 years ago

I just went through the same issue! Don't worry though, I gotcha . Just as Deborah said, make sure to add this into activities, and make sure to give an explanation of what you create. As for the category, I would pick either Art or Computer/ Tech. Recently in my application, I listed my work on creating model planes as one of my activities . To explain this I put : I would first research the aircraft. Then start on the kit, assembling, painting, weathering, and using simple workbench tools to improvise solutions. Try to summarize the process of what you create, but also aspects of problem solving or creativity and how those are implemented in your work.

I also faced the question of where I uploaded my photos of my models. I saw a college question list on common app list a place for a link, maybe consider putting images of your work into a Google site. To clarify, this was a rarity, I saw only saw one college with this option.

The best option is to reach out to admissions counselors. When on call with one of my counselors, he informed me that upon submission of an application, the college will open an admission account for you. This will list your application info, as well as where you will receive your college decision.

Most college admissions accounts should have a section with a name along the lines of "Upload Materials". Most options for submissions materials are documents, but there should be a option for Supplemental Application Material. I plan to create a file containing photographs highlighting my best work. As for your digital works, I would upload up to 10-15 of your best work . I'm not familiar with if 3D models can be uploaded, that's definitely a question for admissions counselors. If not, try a screenshot or recording of the models. I'm sure you'll do great, and those projects sound awesome!

3 years ago


That's so nice! So, you can add that to your activities list on Common App, giving a brief explanation of the platform as well as your arts and creations there. I'd recommend adding something impressive about it, for example, the number of models you've made so far, or something that shows your genuine interest in that subject.

I'm not sure if it's Common App itself or individual universities that allow you to add a link or any additional material to your application, but I'm sure it exists somewhere. As I don't use Blender, I don't know how to maybe download your work to your computer then upload it to the Common App, but you can take a look and see if it's possible.

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