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If I took an online course in places like Coursera or edX, where can I put it in my application?

Hi! I am an incoming senior this fall! I have already been filling out my applications over the summer! Along with this, I have been taking online courses that I am interested during this time. I was wondering where we could put these activities. For example, in the Common Application, would I put it in the Activities section or the additional information? If I put it in the Activities section, what category would I put for it? Or should I include it in the Courses & Grades section? Thank you so much!!

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2 years ago

If I remeber there is a section on the common app dedicated to awards/recongition NOT ECs you can put it there. If you earned college credit on it I would put it under additional info

2 years ago

@DebaterMAX is right-- also, check in with your school! I'm taking online classes outside of school and my guidance counselor was willing to put them on my transcript since they're accredited classes. If you're taking the classes through an online high school/college, they may transfer onto your high school transcript with few issues.


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