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Dual Enrollment and AP

Okay so my school doesn't offer AP classes, rip. BUT, I plan on buying a book and using online resources to study so I can take the exam at a nearby school.

Now for dual enrollment, I'm already taking three classes that are dual enrollment at my high school. I plan on looking in to taking another dual enrollment class online outside of school to make up for no AP classes.

I'm doing this because I enjoy learning but will this also help strengthen my application to colleges? Thanks so much :D

@ErikPet28 days ago [edited]

Congratulations on taking the initiative to self-study for an AP class! That's going to go a long way with colleges especially if you score really well!

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@Smj789 Although you didn't ask a question with regard to this, I will comment that you are certainly showing some positive initiate to prop up your course rigor. For that, you deserve a high five.

There are some inexpensive online AP courses at eDx.org so I would check them out because maybe paying the nominal fee is worthwhile if they have the right AP subjects your a self studying for.

Good Luck

22 days ago

Yes, colleges love any type of advanced course even dual enrollment. It shows that you are ready for college, plus they won’t hold you my taking AP classes against you since your school doesn’t offer them.


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