2 months ago
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How will having a WP on my transcript affect my chances into getting into a T10 school?

I'm currently a junior and I am taking a semester honors course that I want to drop. However, it is past the deadline to drop it so a WP will show up on my transcript in place of the grade (it indicates that I wish to withdraw from the course but my grade is still passing). If I don't drop it, it will bring down my GPA. Is it worth dropping it?


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2 months ago

Hi. Having only 1 WP should not hurt your admissions chances. It's a single course out of score of courses you have taken over the four years of secondary school.

As far as "worth it," is concerned, it depends how much it would drop your GPA. If it's like .01, I'd leave it. If it will be anything more than .2, I think it would be worth it.

Hope this helps!


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