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How useful is Model United Nations?

I am interested in something along Law / Political Science / International Relations.

How can I make MUN stand out in my college applications? Other than participating in many conferences and receiving awards, will being the chair of a committee or secretary-general (or any role in between) be impactful in my applications? Some people had said that if the awards won in MUN are national, then it would make some impact. What does it mean by national awards? Also, what are some prestigious MUN conferences?

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22 days ago

A LOT of people participate in MUN nationwide and can certainly boost your application if you are committed to it. Think about it though: there will be a ton of delegates and quite a lot of chairs. Even if this is you, the activity will still be worthwhile to include in your application.

If you want to really stand out though, you should become secretary-general at your school/club and potentially lead a conference at your school. The other way to stand out is to win national level awards, obtained through competing in conference such as NHSMUN, MUNUC, and NAIMUN. In these conference, however, "best delegate", "outstanding", and "commendation" are typically not awarded but delegation awards (for your school's delegation as a whole) are given out.

I have also heard that high school students can be ambassadors for college MUN programs and help recruit high schools to participate in their conference. I'm not sure how prestigious this is but could be something to do more research on and think about.

20 days ago

Hi @Avante! MUN can definitely look great on your application! Like @helpful said, holding a leadership position in your school’s club or hosting a conference in your region can help you stand out from others who did MUN. Look into applying to be Head of the Secretariat and Staff for your regional conference – they are in charge of planning and organizing the entirety of the event and that could really help differentiate you from others.

Hope that helps!

22 days ago

Whether I’m in the car driving to a conference or chairing a committee, one of the first things we always do is go through everyone’s majors. And it usually goes something like this: “Poli Sci, Poli Sci, International Relations, Econ…”

You get the idea.

I’m always the only Accounting major, and there are a scattered few in Science, Engineering, or Business.


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