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Hey guys! Can someone tell me who the teachers have to address while writing the recommendation letter? Do they have to submit the letters to different schools with different addresses, or just send it once by writing "To whoever it may concern" in the common app? I am from India and have little knowledge regarding the topic. Please help me out! Thank you<3

@Ronak_Agarwal2 months ago

If I am correct, it does not need to be addressed to anyone. They do not have to submit their letter of recommendation to different schools. You can just ask your teacher to create a Common App Account as a teacher and type in the letter of recommendation. It will most probably be visible to the institutions in your Common App profile which will help them. Any queries?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Kangkanpatiri2 months ago

Thank you so much!

@Kefe2 months ago

@Ronak_Agarwal Yooo. Does Ronald ring a bell to you?

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2 months ago


I guess it will begin with"to whom it may concern"but there was a little bit of argument at a time say that that phrase is not appropriate, I haven't been updated with any other one. Thanks


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